Why Are Ag10 Batteries Popular?

A tiny alkaline battery designed specifically for electronic devices, the AG10 Battery has a nominal voltage of 1.5. It is a typical alkaline button cell battery found in watches, cameras, calculators, and other items. We do not typically stock alkaline batteries are button cell batteries with an AG code. The equivalent silver oxide batteries, which are a little bit more powerful than alkaline batteries and typically last a little bit longer, are listed below. 

Other names for these batteries include 189, AG10, and V10GA batteries. The other name for them is LR1131. This LR54 battery has a 44-68mAh capacity and measures 11.6mm in diameter and 3.1mm in height. Alkaline coin-cell batteries measuring 11.6 x 3.1 mm are LR1130/AG10 batteries. The AG10’s alkaline chemistry is comparable to that of a primary, non-rechargeable cell. It ignites a reaction between the cell’s zinc and manganese dioxide electrodes.

 The AG10 battery is made to work with portable electronics. It is an ordinary alkaline button cell battery like those used in watches, cameras, calculators, and other items. Ag10 batteries are more readily available for purchase from wholesalers. A company that buys products directly from manufacturers and then resells them to retailers for a profit is known as a wholesale supplier.

Advantages and Features of AG10 Batteries

  • Battery Type AG10 Cannot Be Recharged
  • AG10 Batteries Have a Long Shelf Life
  • Alkaline button AG10 batteries have a very long life.
  • The AG10 is portable and small.

Applications for AG10 Batteries

The AG10 Battery is a button-shaped alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5 for electronic devices. It is a typical alkaline button cell battery found in toys, calculators, and cameras. Additionally to wristwatches

There is no charge for AG10.

The AG10’s alkaline chemistry is comparable to that of a primary, non-rechargeable cell. It functions by igniting a reaction between the zinc and manganese dioxide electrodes in the cell (MnO2). The electrolyte is a potassium hydroxide-based metal salt.

What gives with the lack of rechargeability, then? The chemical reaction’s chemistry serves as the foundation for everything. Recharging a battery cell requires reversible chemical processes.

In other words, the reaction’s result must be converted back to the original materials.

If A+B equals C, then the process that produces A and B must first break down C. However, this kind of alkaline battery only reverses the zinc/manganese dioxide process after the cell has reached 40% depletion.

The technique gets more challenging and irreversible beyond the first 40%. This is due to the production of hydrogen ions (H+), which will combine with the manganese oxide (MnO2) to form groutite, an irreversible chemical (MnOOH).

Because groutite cannot be transformed into MnO2 even after the hydrogen ions have been removed, there is no way to recover the charge of the alkaline battery.


There are several possibilities for ag10 batteries with the best and most effective materials and a more excellent performance range. Online wholesalers supply ag10 batteries. Since this is essential to their life, take your time finding wholesale suppliers of ag10 batteries that are appropriate for the application.


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