Find Idea to Write a Book

A book or article needs an idea before it writes by author. Author must find good idea to start write an article or book. Without an idea, article or book never has goal or soul of the composition. That composition will become unclear story and reader will difficult to understand, if there is not clear idea. Of course, idea is soul and goal of the composition like book or article.

Every author has own way to find an idea before start write book or an article. There is some kind of idea to start writing. The kind is

Original idea. This is pure come from author and no body introduce before. This is very good starting because article or book will unique thebigideas and will has the best soul delivery to reader.

Adaptation idea. Adaptation ideas come from other idea after published in book or newspaper. Some fiction author get an idea from other story and make some modification in their composition become more interesting and attractive.

Bad idea. This is must avoid if you want become good author. Usually, bad idea is public idea or other author idea but you will claim as your original idea. You will get some problem about your book or article regarding copy right or other problems.

Idea’s Other Owner. This idea come from other people and gives you an idea or some idea to write composition become article or book. Usually, it is will become your own right and there are not problem about your article. Better if you mention in footnote about where idea come from to appreciate you friend that gives you an idea to write this composition.

An idea is priceless property for the author. Without this, he cannot get start to write and get money from there. An idea is good source of much money for author. He will become rich and famous or become down because bad idea of the article or book. Author can find idea from

Many source of reading like book, newspaper, discussion, seminar, TV show, lecture, article, etc.

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